After a successful trial at the POST Luxembourg Balloon Trophy last month, it has been decided that WatchMeFly will be used for the official Electronic Noticeboard and also for live measuring at the 23rd FAI World Hot Air Balloon Championships in GroƟsiegharts, Austria. The event will be running from 18 to 26 August 2018.

If you have been to the WatchMeFly website recently, you will have noticed some things have changed. We have been working closely with the FAI Ballooning Commission (CIA) on some exciting new features to help make ballooning competitions more accessible to balloonists and the public. This will truly make WatchMeFly the home of competition ballooning.

You may have noticed a few things moving around on the WatchMeFly site. This is in preperation for some new exciting things we are doing with some of the major competitions around the world. Stay tuned and in the next few months we will be releasing some really exciting features.

We have added a new feature to WatchMeFy... Balloon Competition Analytics.

Competition Analytics not only allows you look at the statistics for yourself and other WMF members, you can also look at any pilot that has competed in most of the recent events. Please contact us if you have competition data that you would like imported.