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02.07.22 AM flight is CANCELLED

Due to rain followed by very low clouds and strong surface wind, the 02.07.2022 morning flight is CANCELLED. Next briefing on 02.07.2022 at 18:30.

01.07.22 PM flight is CANCELLED

Due to stormy weather and HiGH probability of thunderstorms in the vicinity of Rypin the evening flight is CANCELLED. The next briefing is at 04:00 AM on 02.07.22. 

01.07.2022 AM flight is POSTPONED

Due to a thunderstorm, the morning flight on 01.07.2022 is POSTPONED until 4:45.

30.06.22 PM Flight is canceled

30.06.22 PM Flight is canceled. Next briefing on 01.07.2022 at 04:00.

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