PUKAPUCUP season 2Watarase, Japan

Flight 2 - Sunday 3 Apr 2022 AM
Date 03/04/2022
Sunrise / Sunset -
PZs in force all PZ in Force
Launch Area Sky field
Min. dist. ILP to goals -
Launch Period 5:50-6:50
Next Briefing NEXT PUKAPUCUP !
Solo Flight Not Required
QNH 1031
Task 5 - MDT - Minimum Distance (Rule 15.13)
Position of Goals/Targets:
Alt: 150ft
Marker Drop None
Logger Marker: #1
Task order Any Order
Scoring Period End: 07:30
Scoring Area: entire contest area
Task Data:

Time will start with Take off.

Minimum set time : 10min

The result is the distance between Goal and loggermark#1