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Task Data Sheets / Karty konkurencji
8 Jul 2023
Task briefing 08.07 moved to CLA1 Olsztyn
8 Jul 2023

Afternoon task briefing 07.08 will be held near signals point in CLA1 Olsztyn 7843-2362 at 18:30

The Map / Mapa
4 Jul 2023
The map image has not changed since 2017. Pilots can convert PLT to KML track files to superimpose them onto actual online maps. Below are the links to the electronic map files:

Map image (OZF4), calibration file (MAP), all  waypoints (WPT) ‚Äčand track files (PLT) in one archive (17 MB)

PZs and CLPs (WPT)

The bounds (PLT) of the Contest Area 

The bounds (PLT) of Red PZs 

The bounds (PLT) of Blue PZ11

Map for TwoNav RMAP (27 MB)

Map image PNG not calibrated (46 MB)

Map image JPG not calibrated (19 MB)

Balloon Live Application
28 Jun 2023
Main documents - the Event rules, GB notes
2 Jun 2023