5th FAI Junior World Hot Air Balloon Championship 2021

Leszno, Poland
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Moning flight (14.08.2021) is CANCELED!

Due to safety reason morning flight (14.08.2021) is CANCELED!

Moning flight (13.08.2021) is CANCELED!

Due to given wind situation and for safety reason I was forced to cancel task 27. Unfortunately, at that time some pilots were already in the air, which created an unfair opportunity for them to take-off a second time, even with prolonged start period and the permission for the second take-off.

Due to these circumstances and following rule 8.2.1, I decided to cancel the whole flight.


The answer to the complaint of Yamashita Taichiro (Pilot #28)

Dear Taichiro Yamashita,


The rule 6.13 GPS-LOGGER FAILURE says


6.13.1   Reported malfunctions are considered failures only when they can be reproduced after flight. When a failure is found, the officials may ask the competitor to provide his GPS equipment to substitute the missing track information. 


Your mentioned problem with BLS could not be reproduced. Furthermore, this failure (when the loggermarker is automatically dropped without touch) occurred neither before nor afterwards in this flight or during the rest flights on this event.

In addition to the written above, the rules says:


6.13.3  An electronic mark recorded by a competitor’s GPS-equipment can only be used if the equipment has been approved by the Director before the flight or specific rules under Section II have been followed. Otherwise the competitor will be scored to his nearest electronic mark of the official logger, nearest physical mark or landing position, whichever is best. A score to a track point will not be made.


OziExplorer waypoints are not proper substitute for BalloonLive App dropped marker, as they can have produced any time, even after the flight.

Considering the rules, analyzing the situation and discussing with the Chief scorer, I come to conclusion, not to accept your complaint.


Event director


Eugenijus Komas

Launch period prolonged to 19:30

After some discutions with safety and meteo I made decision to prolong launching period till 19:30. Event director

Link to Dolsk ozf4 map